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So we just held the Volcom Wild In The Parks Champs for 2010! With weather in shambles as we arrived, it was lucky the event went ahead at all. But with a lot of work from the Volcom team, with sweeping water off the park and drying it with shirts, the event went ahead by 11:30am.

With the sun finally out, so came the people. The crowd was huge by midday, so we got the games a going! This year we had the Volcom to Paradise theme. To go with the theme we had Pass The Pineapple, Pineapple Put Off and Coconut Bowling.

Pineapple mid flight
Pineapple pizza for lunch
Nathen trew. Style and flair!

This was by far the best year I have seen for woman’s skating. With many of the girls traveling from Perth and Adelaide, it really shows their commitment to skating. All girls threw down on Saturday, but it was the top 3 we were after, and that was Sarah Hewitt in 3rd. Sarah showed great consistency with backside flips on the bank and kickies down the 3.In 2nd, we had Jennifer Oakes, who killed it all day with dope one footers and back 180’s down the 6 stairs. This left 1st place to Kat Williams. Kat was consistent and stylish, she shows a lot of control on the board and that’s why she was 1st for the 2nd year running.

Well done to all the girls!

The 15 & under were insane. I swear these kids are getting better every year. The top 3 here could have gone in the opens, with such style and variety. In 3rd we had Anthony Davie. Anthony is a 15 year old, with a mans style and a trick selection t boot. He nailed switch biggies every shot down the 6 all day! Along with a lot more tricks, he was definitely a threat from the get go. In 2nd we had last years winner Nik Stipanovic. Nick had more switch trick than any other of that division, but just could keep up the consistency towards the end of the finals. This left it to Dani Campbell for the Win. Dani was one of the smallest competitors for the day, but his maturity on board shone through. He was what we call a skaters, skater. With a diverse bag of tricks, and the ability to take them to all the obstacles, he was great to watch, and fully deserved 1st place.

Front Lip
Switch flip. Harry Clarck
Kicky Front Board. Jake Smyth
Harry Holding on, while Jake evacuates
Then it came to the big boys! This division is what always gets the blood pumping. This year was definitely tough for the judges. A big shout out is in order for Nathan Trew. Nath didn’t make the finals, but was a crowd favourite all day. He skates like a man having more fun in the sun than anyone Iv'e seen in a long time! Keep the passion Nath!

But what we all came to see was who could take the 1st place prize, of the trip to America! With so many good skaters in the event, it was hard to even cut down into a final heat. But in the end it was Manly local Jake Smyth in 3rd. Jake has the buttery smooth style that has had him in the finals for the past 3 years. He is a force to be reckoned with at these events, and a future hopeful for a win. In 2nd place we had, Alex Powell. Alex is a Sydney local who skates with amazing style and a dope trick selection. At the start of the day he wasn’t sure if he was going to enter, due to an injury to his shoulder. But after a few mates got him hyped, he stepped out onto the course and demolished it. Can’t wait to see what he can do next year, if he can pull 2nd with an injured shoulder. In 1st place we had Perth ripper Harry Clark. Harry has placed top 3 for the past few years as well, and I couldn’t be happier to see him take it out. Harry skates that park like no other. With lines flowing from all over, and manuals to places no one else would dare.

Flicky Kicky
One Footer. Jennifer Oakes
Switch Heel. Nik Stipanovic
Tre Flip. Jake Hayes
Eye on the prize. Harry Clarke
Front Feebs. Jake
Crowd enjoying the Bannana Beds

Dani Campbell. Hardflip
Nathen Trew. Pivot to Fakie

Coconut Bowling
Nollie Crooks. Alex Powell
Gap Ollie. Harry Clarke
Girls Winners
Sarah Hewitt, Jennifer Oakes, Kat Williams
15 & Under Winners
Anthony Davie, Nik Stipanovic, Dani Campbell
16 & over Winner
Jake Smyth, Alex Powell, Harry Clarke

So well done to all the skaters! Its another season done and dusted, but the memories live on!

Thank you for all the support we get from the families and friends of the competitors, you guys really make these days what they are!

Special thanks to all our supporting sponsors.

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